856-4 Manchon 3-dong Suseong-Gu, Daegu Republic of Korea Sunday 2pm / Agape Hall(2nd Floor), Vision Center

Community Groups

Contact Cara Gabriel at cara.alison@gmail.com for her women’s community group near Suseong-gu Office Station @ 7:30 PM

Contact C.J. Cho at cho.hernandez.4110@gmail.com for his mixed community group in Gyeongsan (near Imdang Station on the Green Line) on Fridays @ 7:30 PM

Contact Gloria Chung at gloriachung2007@gmail.com for her women with children community group near downtown Daegu on Tuesdays @7:30 PM

Contact Isaac Gross at iggyg3891@gmail.com for his English learners group on Saturdays in Room 303 of the Vision Center @ 3 PM OR his mixed community group on Wednesdays at Philos Cafe (Daegu Dongshin Church) @ 10 AM

Contact Marcelle Lee at marcelle2lee@gmail.com for her women’s community group in downtown Daegu @ 7:30 PM