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Aug 16, 2017 The Discipline of Charity Finishing our series on the disciplines, we look at the discipline of charity. Charity is a form of love that is not incidental to the gospel, but at its very heart. Christ became poor in order that we might become Listen Download
Aug 10, 2017 The Discipline of Marriage This week we looked at the discipline of marriage from Ephesians 5. As we have with all our disciplines, we’ve tried to root them in the gospel, understand how they work within church community and then some do’s and don’ts. Listen Download
Aug 1, 2017 The Discipline of Celibacy This Sunday we looked at a different set of disciplines, beginning with celibacy from 1 Corinthians 7.1-7, 32-35.  Jesus and Paul present the celibate life positively as a discipline of complete devotion to God, loving God about all other loves. Listen Download
Jul 25, 2017 The Discipline of Feasting This Sunday we continue in our series on the disciplines of the Christian life by looking at the discipline of feasting. From Romans 14.5-6 & Luke 14.12-14 we can see that the Christian feast declares the gospel in who we include Listen Download
Jul 18, 2017 The Discipline of Fasting Continuing in our series on the disciplines of Christian life, we look at fasting based off of Mark 2.18-22. How does fasting declare the gospel? How do we root this practice in community? What are some do’s and don’ts and Listen Download
Jul 11, 2017 The Story of the Disciplines From the life of Paul (1 Cor 9.24-27, 2 Tim 4.6-8) we established the disciplines of the Christian life in the gospel. We are like runners in a race, boxers in a match. So we ought to get on with Listen Download
Jul 4, 2017 The Prayers of the Saints Finishing our time in Revelation, we look at prayer from chapters 5 & 8. God hears our prayers; they rise to him as smoke and incense. And God will act, in his own time and manner. Listen Download
Jun 27, 2017 Weep No More In our continuing series on Revelation, we looked at Revelation 5 where the risen lamb of God is able to open the scroll securing God’s people and asked ourselves, “What is worship?” “Who is the focus of worship?” and “How Listen Download
Jun 20, 2017 To the One Who Conquers Continuing in our Revelation series, we look at the letter to Ephesus and Laodicea from chapters 2 and 3. In each, self-sufficiency has set in, to a degree, each as lost their first love. Christ counsels remembering, repentance and renewal Listen Download
Jun 14, 2017 Fear Not, I am the First & the Last In the first of four sermons on Revelation, we look at John’s vision of Christ in Chapter 1 and the comfort it provided to the seven churches and the comfort it provides to us today. Our past, our present, our Listen Download
Jun 7, 2017 Pentecost Closing our time in Acts & Galatians, we go back to the beginning of the church and the promised outpouring of God’s Spirit upon his people in Acts 2.1-13. What is the Spirit’s mission? How do we participate in it? Listen Download
May 30, 2017 One in Christ Our passage for today is from Galatians 3.1-9, 23-29 where Paul addresses the Galatians directly, wondering why they have taken on the law when they have already received the Spirit through justification by faith in Christ alone? We spend the Listen Download
May 24, 2017 By Faith Alone From Galatians 1.13-17; 2.11-21 we read of Paul’s confrontation with Peter over his actions contrary to the gospel. Jew and Gentile are justified by faith in Christ alone. What does this mean for you today? Do we value and understand Listen Download
May 9, 2017 What Prevents Me? From Acts 8 we read the story of the Ethiopian eunuch, a man whose biography was determined by others. But in Christ, he is not kept from baptism and he walks in his identity in Christ. Listen Download
May 3, 2017 Full of Grace & Power As we begin our journey through Acts & Galatians, we meet Stephen in Acts 6-7, a deacon of the church and hear his powerful testimony before his martyrdom. We focused on what it mean to have a circumcised heart and Listen Download
Apr 24, 2017 Did Our Hearts Not Burn Within Us? Finishing our time in Luke, from 24.13-35 we meet Jesus as a stranger on the road to Emmaus. Jesus speaks to the slowness of their hearts to believe all that Jesus had said would happen and we meet him in Listen Download
Apr 18, 2017 Why Do You Seek the Living Among the Dead? From Luke 24.1-12 we remember the words of Jesus, that he would die and three days later be raised to life. The men at the tomb ask, “Why do you seek the living among the dead?” And we asked ourselves Listen Download
Apr 11, 2017 Blessed is the King- Palm Sunday On Palm Sunday we look at Luke 19.29-44 as Jesus enters Jerusalem to shouts of blessing. However, we find Jesus weeping over Jerusalem, not ready or understanding the things that make for peace. The gospel is good news, but we Listen Download
Apr 4, 2017 To Seek & Save the Lost From Luke 18 and 19 we meet a blind beggar and a wee little man, Zacchaeus, eager to see Jesus. As Jesus will enter Jerusalem next week, he has gathered to himself a crowd of folks from the margins of Listen Download
Mar 28, 2017 The Rich Man & Lazarus From Luke 16.19-31 we read Jesus’ parable addressing “lovers of money.” Though half of the parable is set in the after-life, the pulse of the parable is this life where we can still have compassion on those in need. God’s Listen Download