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Apr 24, 2017 Did Our Hearts Not Burn Within Us? Finishing our time in Luke, from 24.13-35 we meet Jesus as a stranger on the road to Emmaus. Jesus speaks to the slowness of their hearts to believe all that Jesus had said would happen and we meet him in Listen Download
Apr 18, 2017 Why Do You Seek the Living Among the Dead? From Luke 24.1-12 we remember the words of Jesus, that he would die and three days later be raised to life. The men at the tomb ask, “Why do you seek the living among the dead?” And we asked ourselves Listen Download
Apr 11, 2017 Blessed is the King- Palm Sunday On Palm Sunday we look at Luke 19.29-44 as Jesus enters Jerusalem to shouts of blessing. However, we find Jesus weeping over Jerusalem, not ready or understanding the things that make for peace. The gospel is good news, but we Listen Download
Apr 4, 2017 To Seek & Save the Lost From Luke 18 and 19 we meet a blind beggar and a wee little man, Zacchaeus, eager to see Jesus. As Jesus will enter Jerusalem next week, he has gathered to himself a crowd of folks from the margins of Listen Download
Mar 28, 2017 The Rich Man & Lazarus From Luke 16.19-31 we read Jesus’ parable addressing “lovers of money.” Though half of the parable is set in the after-life, the pulse of the parable is this life where we can still have compassion on those in need. God’s Listen Download
Mar 21, 2017 Rejoice with Me! From Luke 15 Jesus responds to the Pharisees & scribes grumbling about his company with sinners with the parable of merciful father and his wayward sons. And the question is thrown to us, “Will you rejoice with heaven over lost Listen Download
Mar 7, 2017 The Good Samaritan: Neighbor Love As Jesus continues toward Jerusalem, a man asks Jesus for his interpretation of the Law. In the course of their discussion, the man asks what it looks like to love his neighbor and in return receives a parable that speaks Listen Download
Feb 28, 2017 The Challenge of Following Jesus From Luke 9.51-62 we read of four different encounters with Christ and our expectations for discipleship. What gets in the way of selling our for Jesus and the kingdom? Family? Money? Listen Download
Feb 23, 2017 Listen to Him! From Luke 9.28-45 we read the story of Jesus’ transfiguration with Moses & Elijah. And we find ourselves next to Peter, James & John trying to make sense of what they are seeing. And the answer comes from the voice Listen Download
Feb 14, 2017 Friend of Sinners From Luke 7.36-50, we read the account of Jesus’ dinner with Simon the Pharisee and the unknown woman who comes into their midst to clean, perfume and anoint Jesus. The story shows Jesus’ ability to see our hearts and the Listen Download
Feb 7, 2017 Say the Word From Luke 7.1-17, Jesus’ word proves powerful over death in his encounter with a centurion and the dead son of a widow. How doe we arrive at a faith like the centurions, whom Jesus marveled over? Just as he did, Listen Download
Jan 31, 2017 Lord of the Sabbath Our passage this week is from Luke 6.1-16. Conflicts about working on the Sabbath, whether it be Jesus’ disciples rubbing grain between their hands or Jesus healing a man on the Sabbath, may seem like obscure problems from yesterday. But Listen Download
Jan 24, 2017 A Great Catch of Fish From Luke 5.1-11 we read of Peter’s encounter with Jesus, like those of Isaiah, Moses, or Job, seeing his utter unworthiness in light of who Jesus is. But Christ responds by commissioning Peter to be a catcher of men. We, Listen Download
Jan 24, 2017 Good News to the Poor From Luke 4.14-30 we see the content of the good news, a message that Jesus applies beyond the confines of Nazareth or for that matter, Israel. Nazareth will not accept this wideness in God’s mercy, do we? Listen Download
Jan 24, 2017 Prepare the Way of the Lord From Luke 3.1-22 we get a glimpse at the ministry of John the Baptist and Jesus’ baptism. We consider how our identity in Christ and our continual remembrance of it aids us in our repentance. Listen Download
Jan 3, 2017 My Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation Today we hear the testimony of the law and the prophets through the voice and actions of Simeon and Anna, two people hopeful for Israel’s comfort promised by Isaiah. How do we maintain our hope in the middle of difficulties? Listen Download
Dec 20, 2016 My Soul Magnifies the Lord! We begin our series in the book of Luke 1, looking at the sovereign choice of Mary and her obedient response. Throughout the story, God is the one who is working for Israel, for Mary, for us. Our only responsibility Listen Download
Dec 13, 2016 Good News As we look forward to Christmas day, we end our Old Testament series with Isaiah 61 where we are told of one upon whom the Spirit of God rests, who will bring about justice for Israel. This good news is Listen Download
Dec 6, 2016 In the Year King Uzziah Died From Isaiah 6 we read the story of Isaiah’s vision of God and his commission to preach a difficult message. In the presence of God’s holiness, Isaiah sees his sin and receives grace. But God is also preparing him for Listen Download
Nov 30, 2016 An Angry Man & A Gracious God From the book of Jonah: ¬†Are we as gracious as our God? Jonah’s happiest moment is when a plant, appointed by God, grows over him providing shade. And yet when the plant died, Jonah’s happiness goes. Forgiveness is hard, but Listen Download