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Nov 28, 2017 Seek the Welfare of the City From Jeremiah 29, we heard God’s promise to exiled Judah of a future and a hope. Our God disciplines his people but even in the punishment there is grace. As God’s people, we don’t need to fear the past or Listen Download
Nov 21, 2017 The Lord Was Not In The Wind From 1 Kings 19.1-18 we read the story of Elijah’s journey to Mt. Sinai after the defeat of Baal’s prophets on Mt. Carmel in chapter 18. Elijah is given a heavenly perspective on his disappointment and despair in light of Listen Download
Nov 14, 2017 The Lord Looks Upon the Heart Continuing in our Old Testament series, we look at the calling of David from 1 Samuel 16.1-13. In calling individuals to a task, a people, a place, God does not look upon the appearance of a person, but upon the Listen Download
Nov 7, 2017 Faith Enough to Forgive On our Newcomer’s Sunday, we took a break from our Old Testament series and looked at forgiveness from Luke 17.3-6. It is a challenging text, one that requires great faith in Christ. But forgiveness is about trusting that God has Listen Download
Oct 31, 2017 Speak, Lord, For Your Servant Hears Resuming our Old Testament series, we look at the calling of Samuel during a time of poverty of God’s word. And we reminded ourselves of our first calling, to be, simply, Christians. Lastly, even though we have the Word Himself, Listen Download
Oct 25, 2017 Derold Sligh’s Testimony In the last of our Kyrios testimonies, Derold shared his growth in understanding the Holy Spirit, that he is with us, that the fruit of the Spirit is to be shared with open hands. Listen Download
Oct 25, 2017 Christina Parchem’s Testimony Our theme for our Kyrios retreat was “In Step with the Spirit” based off of Galatians 5.25. Christina was the first to share her testimony and how she has learned to do just that, walk with and in the Spirit. Listen Download
Oct 10, 2017 You Shall Know That I Am Your God From Exodus 16 we read the story of God’s provision of manna & quail. God tests Israel’s obedience through their Sabbath keeping; will they trust God to provide enough food on the sixth day for the Sabbath day as well. Listen Download
Oct 7, 2017 This Is My Name Forever Our passage this week is from Exodus 2-4 and introduces us to the person Moses, who meets God in the burning bush. We considered the fact that the God we love is also a God who reveals himself to us. Listen Download
Sep 26, 2017 Know That I Am With You Continuing in our Old Testament Series, we look at the life of Jacob, Abraham’s grandson and his encounter with the God of his father and grandfather. Genesis 27.1-4, 15-23 & 28.10-17. Listen Download
Sep 19, 2017 God’s Test & Provision Our passage for this Sunday is Genesis 21.1-3 & 22.1-14, the story of God’s test and provision for Abraham. The God we love is also the God who tests, for our good. We must leave room in the love of Listen Download
Sep 12, 2017 Creation & Blessing Beginning our Fall Old Testament Series, we heard God’s word from Genesis 1-2.4. We focused on what it means that God created and that God blessed. Likewise, we asked what we learned about the God we love, the neighbor we Listen Download
Sep 5, 2017 I Believe in the Holy Spirit: Life in the Spirit Finishing our series on the Spirit, we looked at life in the Spirit. We know we are in the Spirit if the Spirit dwells in us, and we know he dwells in us by the fruit of the Spirit. And Listen Download
Aug 29, 2017 I Believe in the Holy Spirit: Spirit of Christ, Spirit of God Continuing in our series on the Holy Spirit, we looked at the person of the Holy Spirit in connection with the Trinity. How do we diminish the Holy Spirit in our lives? How do we separate the Spirit from the Listen Download
Aug 22, 2017 I Believe in the Holy Spirit: The Spirit’s Story This week we begin a new series, “I Believe in the Holy Spirit.” We begin this Sunday with the story of the Spirit throughout scripture, focusing on the Spirit as the presence of life. Whether hovering over the waters of Listen Download
Aug 16, 2017 The Discipline of Charity Finishing our series on the disciplines, we look at the discipline of charity. Charity is a form of love that is not incidental to the gospel, but at its very heart. Christ became poor in order that we might become Listen Download
Aug 10, 2017 The Discipline of Marriage This week we looked at the discipline of marriage from Ephesians 5. As we have with all our disciplines, we’ve tried to root them in the gospel, understand how they work within church community and then some do’s and don’ts. Listen Download
Aug 1, 2017 The Discipline of Celibacy This Sunday we looked at a different set of disciplines, beginning with celibacy from 1 Corinthians 7.1-7, 32-35.  Jesus and Paul present the celibate life positively as a discipline of complete devotion to God, loving God about all other loves. Listen Download
Jul 25, 2017 The Discipline of Feasting This Sunday we continue in our series on the disciplines of the Christian life by looking at the discipline of feasting. From Romans 14.5-6 & Luke 14.12-14 we can see that the Christian feast declares the gospel in who we include Listen Download
Jul 18, 2017 The Discipline of Fasting Continuing in our series on the disciplines of Christian life, we look at fasting based off of Mark 2.18-22. How does fasting declare the gospel? How do we root this practice in community? What are some do’s and don’ts and Listen Download