Dongshin Road Rally 2009 Photos

Video – The final part of the 25 tasks to be done in 3 hours around Daegu. We gave away kimbab, got autographs, took pictures, played minigolf, walked the length of an underground mall, went to E-mart, drunk coffee, sang in the park, ate dinner, got petrol, made artwork, changed seats at the traffic lights, and many more. Again, it was awesome and a continuation of the tradition and legacy started in 2008!

Prayer ministry

Hi everyone,

Daniel is leading our prayer ministry and has already assembled some prayer warriors to pray every day.  If you would like to be part of this essential ministry, please see Daniel at church or email

He says:

It’s such a joy to pray for one another and to build each other up in the love of Christ. I’m excited to see what God will do for us as a community of Christians. Let’s pray in faith knowing that God is on our side and the score is 100 – 0. We may go through difficult times, but in the end the result is already decided in our favour.
Sometimes God may seem distant or we may not understand God’s plan. Let’s not rely on our feeling or emotions. It says in the bible that ‘God will take us through the valley of the shadow of death and be with us the whole way.’ We don’t have to worry. God is in control.
Let us lift our hearts to Jesus and be thankful for all the good things He has blessed us with. We are redeemed, saved, forgiven, and justified, and God has given us an opportunity to live our life to the fullest.  We know that God’s ways are perfect because He is without sin, and He loves us, and He wants the best for us in our life. God knows the future and His plans are perfect.
So, if you have any prayer requests for yourself or others then get a prayer request form on the table at the back of church & put it in the prayer request box.  Alternatively you can ask your small group leader for prayer forms.
God bless you all.  When the going gets tough, the tough get praying.

Sermon 22nd March James 1:9-12

We as believers must see our position in life in the view of, Christ and eternity.  If we see our economic condition as lowly and poor, we are very much likely to become malcontents. Complaining or moaning about how the guy across the street has more than we do. We would become likely to pursue the things that we would think might make us happy, when in the end they would lead us to ruin. Rather we must keep our eyes fixed on our position in Christ.  Whatever you’ve attained in life. Whatever you’ve “As a follower of Christ, As a Christian, weather you’re rich or you’re poor, you must experience and exalt in Christ.” We must experience Christ and exalt in Christ. Another way to say this might be this, Though this world is tough, or though you have it pretty good here, there is a better place with Christ. That place is our home. That place is our identity. That place holds our reward. been given. Whatever you’re good at or esteemed for in your education or abilities, you are a servant of Jesus Christ. Exalt in your position as one who needs Jesus. You’ll never work your way into heaven by doing or giving away your wealth.  The amount of your wealth is not the point. Faith is. Who do you serve. Who do you say your master is?


“Blessed is the man who perseveres under trials, because when he has stood the test, he

will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.”

Sermon – Easter Sunday 12th April

Seven Observations about the Empty Tomb

1. We are invited to take a look in the tomb 2. We know Jesus Died 3.We know a way has been opened for us

4.We know that Jesus’ garments were left behind 5. We know whose Tomb Jesus was buried in

6. We know that the tomb was not his own 7. We know the tomb was empty just as Jesus’ said it would be!

1. The Angel says to Mary you came here looking for Jesus. It is interesting that the guards at the tomb were not invited to go in and see as well. We tend to think nowadays that its only fair for everyone to take a turn and look in the tomb. The angel could have calmed the guards and invited them in as well but he didn’t. Those who know the savior by name are invited to partake in his resurrection. Those who follow him in death will go on to meet him in life.

Next, It was a borrowed tomb; and why? I take it, not to dishonor Christ, but in order to show that, as his sins were borrowed sins, so his burial was in a borrowed grave. Christ had no transgressions of his own; he took ours upon his head; he never committed a wrong, but he took all my sin, and all yours, if ye are believers; concerning all his people, it is true, he bore their griefs and carried their sorrows in his own body on the tree; therefore, as they were others’ sins, so he rested in another’s grave; as they were sins imputed, so that grave was only imputedly his. It was not his sepulchre; it was the tomb of Joseph.

People who know God is real and alive fear God too much to let their fear of man keep them from speaking. Which brings me to say that this fear of God is not fear of retribution or punishment. It is a realization of just how amazing the risen Christ is. It is a full view of his glory. The truth of his resurrection brings them to their knees at the feet of Jesus. They left with fear but they also left with Joy. Fear may bring us to our knees but joy will bring us to worship. After they fall at his feet, Jesus says don’t be afraid. Go tell my brothers they will see me. It is true joy to be reunited with God. To meet him again. How can you meet someone if they are dead. How can you have joy if you know there is no life. I am here to tell you what both the Angel and Jesus said here in the living word. You will see Jesus again. He is alive. He is not here. Everything is just as he said it would be. He has risen. Go with joy and worship at his feet. He is living, and he is waiting for you.

Sermon 29th March – Rob French Haggai 1:12-14

Then Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel, and Joshua the son of Jehozadakthe high priestwith all the remnant of the peopleobeyed the voice of the LORD their God and the words of Haggai the prophet, as the LORD their God had sent him. And the people showed reverence for the LORD. Then Haggai, the messenger of the LORD, spoke by the commission of the LORD to the people saying, “ ‘I am with you,’ declares the LORD.” So the LORD stirred up the spirit of Zerubbabel the son of Shealtielgovernor of Judahand the spirit of Joshua the son of Jehozadakthe high priestand the spirit of all the remnant of the peopleand they came and worked on the house of the LORD of hoststheir God. ~ Haggai 1:12-14

– Prioritize the building up of the church.
– In doing so, we:
– continue the work begun by Jesus and his apostles.
– can be confident in God’s presence with us.

Questions to Answer

(1) What is the church? Why is it so important?
(2) How can we prioritize the building of the church?
(3) What will be the result of prioritizing the church?
(4) Why is this message important for today?
– How did Zerubbabel and Joshua prioritize the building of the church?
– Obeyed the voice of the Lord (vs. 12)
– Stopped focusing on building their own houses, focused on the house of the Lord (vs. 14)
– Ezra-Nehemiah; physical construction
– Add new stones to the church.
– Ezra-Nehemiah – accounts of the physical rebuilding of the temple and Jerusalem
– How do we add new stones to the church?
– Evangelism! Matthew 28:18-20 and similar to evangelism: raising up our children in the fear of the Lord
– Romans 12 – ourselves as living sacrifices

– many stones in one building, many parts of one body
– offer ourselves up to one another
– don’t think too highly of ourselves
– use our different gifts for each other
– Jesus Himself as fulfillment of Haggai 1:12-14

– Jesus as King
– Zerubbabel as governor never took the throne the way the Israelites may have expected
– Jesus is perfect powerful King, enthroned at the right hand of the Father, perfectly leading and ruling His people
– Jesus as Priest
– Joshua as high priest still needed to offer sacrifice for His own sin; year after year
– Per Hebrews – Jesus offered Himself one time as a perfect sacrifice, never repeated, sufficient
– Jesus as Temple
– Through on-and-off construction, the temple was eventually completed–but was destroyed again ca. 70 AD
– Jesus said, tear down this temple, and I will raise it in three days–eternal resurrection
– Jesus as Israel
– Israel turned from God over and over–Judges, Kings, etc.-even post-exile period shows fickle nature of our heart
– We ourselves find ourselves, as the great hymn says, “prone to wander”
– Jesus went through exile for us: separation from God on the cross
– Jesus suffered discipline from God for us (per 2 Samuel 7, also Jeremiah)
– Why is this encouragement for us?
– What if we realize we easily could have served the church more?
– What if we recognize how often we feel to work to add new stones to the temple? (through evangelism)
– What if we realize that we misused our gifts?
– Jesus:
– served the church as much as He could: He died for it!
– is the one who adds any and every new stone added to the temple!
– used His gifts perfectly to do His father’s will!

– And… we are united to Him in faith!

Easter time

Happy Easter everyone. This Sunday the 12th, we will be having communion to celebrate and remember that Jesus our Lord has risen. Let’s pray that God can use us to do mighty things for his church and his people! Amen

Dongshin 2009 Road Rally 19th April

It’s time to put on your racing shirt/hat/shoes etc for the Annual Dongshin Road Rally. This year it is going to be held on April 19th after church (between 4-8pm) and we want you to join a team. You are going to be racing around Daegu with fun tasks and collecting evidence along the way. Last year we had to chew a lot of gum, give away kimbab, take photos, eat together, collect special water and change clothes for example.
Don’t miss out on a chance for an historic and memorable time as we expect this event to be bigger than last year. Cost per person is 10,000 won.
If you have a car and can drive on the day, could you please talk to Andy Gilman.

15th March Sermon James 1:5-8

Firstly, if you need wisdom (yes we do) then ask God. Secondly you should ask.
There are 3 things that every believer must know about God
1. God has what you need (he’s not a politician)
2. God gives you what you need generously and without finding fault (Just like getting free bread from Outback)
3. v6-8 God gives to all those who ask in faith (If you ask for wisdom but don’t submit to God, how could you ever expect to be changed by grace?)
God didn’t put you on Earth to collect stuff but to “glorify himself in and through you”. Put your faith in him today and walk in his promises by his strength.

Sermon 8th March Notes

James 1:1-5

James encourages us to respond to trials by faith in 3 ways

  1. Faith in Jesus makes the believer; endure trials with purpose
  2. Faith in Jesus makes the believer; endure trials to the end (v.4)
  3. Faith in Jesus makes the believer; endure trials with joy (v.2)

If any of you lack the wisdom, the know how, the ability, to endure trials this way, let him or her pray today. 

Pray to Jesus the one who knows what you are going through.

Pray to Jesus the one who can forgive your lack of faith and joy in the midst of trials.

Pray to Jesus the one who can carry you through to the end and then pardon you unto eternal glory.

Board game evening March 15th

Let’s join together and play the night away with pizza and drinks. If you have any boardgames/cardgames then please bring them along. Happening after church in the same building.

Sermons Feb 8th

God is sovereign over our enemies
God always does what is right
God’s always prevails over his enemies
They have absolutely no power which he does not allow
God sends evil
In his divine wisdom it is never wrong
He is not accountable for evil, Evil men are
God is sovereign over the rights of his people
God is sovereign ruler who alone gives the right to his inheritance
He judges righteously
He forgives completely

God is sovereign the cause of his name
He works all things for the good of his people to the ultimate end of his glory
He works all of human history to the ultimate end, which is his glory

We make friends and we make enemies but God makes our Neighbors
GK Chesterton

Luke 2:21-38

Luke 2:21-38

  • Looking forward •
    • Consolation (Luke 2:25)
      • Sin, The Curse •
    • Redemption (Luke 2:38)
      • The world, The accuser, our enemies
  • Jesus submitted
    • To the Law
      • Circumcision -Sacrifice
    • To Nature
      • He could get hungry, sick, or cold
      • He could bleed
  • Jesus reveals heart
    • He is destined to case the r and f of many
      • We raise or fall before God because of our Faith in Jesus
    • I Peter 2:6-9
      • The cornerstone is Jesus
  • What does faith look like
    • Marry: treasured up and meditated on these things
    • The shepherds: glorified God and gave thanks to God
    • Simeon : Was at peace with God content with life in the presence of the saviour
    • Anna : Spoke about Him to all: evangelism

These are not rules to follow, not guarantees to heaven only visible responses of a heart of faith

Conclusion: I Peter 2:6-9

Remember who you are

I. The Father has foreknown us. (v. 2)‏

A. What is foreknowledge? Psalm 139

1. More than awareness of existence (vv. 13-16)‏
2. More than awareness of actions (vv. 2-6)‏
3. More than any awareness (vv. 7-12)‏
4. In short, it is love.

B. Humble yourselves under God (5:6-7)‏

1. Take pride in the Lord. (v. 6)‏
2. Cast your anxieties on Him. (v. 7)‏
3. This will make you strange!