Before coming to Korea my life was full of uncertainties and despairing moments. Despite the gloomy cloud overhead, I could hear God telling me to take the risk and venture out of my comfort zone. I knew that this would be a frightening experience for me because I had never done something like this before.

Making new friends, learning to abide in Christ by myself, and learning how to trust in my own decisions were all very daunting tasks.

I wasn’t sure how I would survive on my own—it all overwhelmed me—and as soon as I had arrived, I retreated into my personal comfort zone that I established earlier at home.

Having heard about Dongshin through the Internet, I knew the international Church was nearby, but I was just unwilling to step out into the awkwardness of meeting new people.

I was having a bad time in Korea and I was fearful that venturing into more unknown territory would result in failure. I felt to experience the failure of rejection would only take me deeper into my hole I was content staying in.

Even as I sat in my dark bedroom with the blinds closed, God reminded me about what I had learned from my friends back home. I can’t be alone—I wasn’t created for that.

With that reminder, I set out to find the body of Christ here in Korea—deep in my sin and still feeling guilty—I caught a taxi to the nearest station. I had no idea how to get back to my apartment, but I knew that God was with me.

I told myself if He had provided for me thus far; He would definitely bring me into community out here as well.

It’s been a few months since I’ve become a part of Dongshin and it really has been a stretching experience for me. Relationally and spiritually, the international Church has been teaching me how to be honest and intentional with people. I’m allowing God’s message to sink in deeper now, and He’s showing me that His love for me really has no limits.

I pray that I will continue for the willingness to reach a new level of connectivity with the people of Dongshin, and to continue partnering with the Lord during my stay in Korea.