Pastoral Ministry  

Lead Pastor Samuel Ha

Pastor Samuel was born in Brazil but moved
to Korea when he was young.
He then came back to Brazil and later went to the States.
He received his BA in Worship and Music
from Liberty University and his Masters of Divinity
from Westminster Theological Seminary, PA.
Before coming to Deagu, he served as a youth,
college, and adult pastor in different parts of the States.
He enjoys movies, sports (soccer and basketball), and coffee.  

Deacons Board

Our deacon board is led by Chief Deacon James Jeong,
and meets monthly for prayer and oversight of all of our service’s ministry.
Likewise, they are servants who help and participate in our church ministries and events.

Chief Deacon: James Jeong
Vice chief Deacon: SJ Chung(Admin, Worship ministry)
Treasurer: D. James Kim(Finances)
Deacons: Sukmo Kim, Tim Butler(Welcome team ministry), Robert Wipf(Men’s Ministry)

Worship Team

Barbara  Blair is the head of the Dongshin Worship Ministry,
and has a passion for spirit lead worship.
The Worship Team focuses on leading praise and worship that glorifies God,
draws our eyes to His throne and prepares our hearts
to become true worshippers, in spirit and in truth.

Welcome Team

Brooke Johnson serves as our Welcome Team leader. 
Our welcome team exists to care for the people in our church.

We believe we can love and care for each other because Christ loved us first.
It is our desire to reach out with love  to each and every person who walks through our doors.
We are the friendly faces passing out bulletins  and greeting you at the door.
You will see us before the Sunday service working to prepare our room for worship,
and after the service, you can find us at the back table 
where we are available to help you connect with others
in the church through various opportunities and social activities.

Events Ministry

We love to have fun!
Our yearly events (picnics, game nights, bowling, dinners, etc.)
are special times when our church family comes together
to enjoy each other’s company.
But our events are also our way of introducing people
to the beauty of Jesus and his gospel.
Since our vision is to constantly connect people
to Christ in the city of Daegu,
we are also intentional with our yearly events,
using them as opportunities for outreach.

Audio/Visual Ministry

Stephanie Seaman

Stephanie Seaman runs our audio/visual ministry.
She’s in charge of PowerPoint material,
and making sure attendees can worship free from distraction.
Her mission is to help our ministries create
an inspiring and attractive worship service
where people can spend time focusing on God.
Stephanie is a teacher and has been living in Daegu for several years.

Women’s Ministry


Led by Alex, the purpose of the Women’s Ministry is to build community, sisterhood, and the church by raising up women and fitting the needs of its community. We celebrate our triumphs and milestones as sisters and grow together spiritually by investing in each other’s lives.

Originally hailing from NYC, Alex has been living in Korea for the past 8 years, and currently works in a local university. She loves trying new restaurants, reading and sightseeing. If you want to be involved in the Women’s Ministry, or need someone to tag along a foodie adventure, contact Alex ^^

Community Group Ministry

Pastor Samuel Ha oversees a team of small group leaders (see our Community page) committed to knowing God’s truth more deeply and helping others know it, too, in a welcoming and nonjudgemental environment. These leaders facilitate group conversations about the Bible, considering how and why it is important to everyone. The groups are more than discussion meetings, however, as group members pray and socialize together, seeking to build meaningful friendships.

The small groups ranges from 5-20 people from all over the world and at different stages of life, and are open to both Christians and those interested in Christianity.
Our community groups meet throughout the week in various locations and times.

* Note: Community groups are currently taking place via Zoom due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions.