Dongshin English Service is the body of Christ that exists to glorify God by treasuring Jesus Christ. We are also a biblical, dynamic, energetic, and multicultural community that seeks to serve English speaking foreigners and Koreans in Daegu.

We are a place where you will find eternal life through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, be equipped as His true disciple by God’s word, and have genuine loving fellowship with other fellow foreigners.

As a Christian community of foreigners and Koreans, we’ve been growing since 2001 and are currently the largest non-Korean worship service in Daegu.  We are the English ministry of and fully supported by Daegu Dongshin Church, which is a reformed Presbyterian Church.

Our English service is geared towards people from a wide variety of backgrounds. That means that you’ll probably find our style and way of doing things comfortable, though in small details, we might be different from your church back home.

We would love to worship with you in person, but in the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

PS: The most regular question by far, that we get from visitors to our website, is how to get to us!  The Directions page has detailed step-by-step information on reaching us via taxi, subway or bus.