One thing I’ve learned out here in Korea is to never pass up an opportunity to eat a bunch of food and hang out with friends. At least unless I’m passed out from a previous food coma (mostly sugar coma, in my case) or just plain tired.

Renee and Richard were hosting a party at their place last Sunday, and at first I didn’t plan on attending. I didn’t have any of the required bright neon clothing and I’m a big planner to begin with, but when I heard a lot of people were going, I figured it was a good idea.

When the worship squad arrived at Richard’s pad we found the place already packed with Dongshin people and some of them dressed to impress in their neon chic. I almost failed to mention, the party was to celebrate Renee’s birthday and to say farewell to some old Dongshin friends. This whole blog entry wouldn’t have a point without explaining that.

Being the greatly generous people they are, Renee and Richard prepared a massive amount of food for everyone to enjoy. There was everything from hot dog bites to some excellent salad with cherry tomatoes and basil. I’m surprised my tongue can still taste anything after it experienced that deliciousness.

What followed up the snacking and desserts was a good time of fellowship and chilling. I’m actually not so great in social situations, but since I’m in Korea and pretty much deprived of interaction during the week, I try.

Other highlights of the night included: Stephen’s free flow poetry to the guitar styling of Nate and the passing out of gifts to the best dressed.

We had a really fun time with the people from Dongshin and there were some new people in attendance as well, it’ll be cool to see if they come to church on Sunday. This past weekend was a good time—but you really can’t go wrong with Renee and Richard throwing a party. Good job guys!