Road Rally 2008


Yesterday we had the annual Dongshin Winter events. This winter we had the “2008 Dongshin Road-Rally”. This road rally basically just like a treasure hunt game or amazing race. The basic idea is that you are given clues and challenges that you must to solve and you need to go there and take pictures or videos to prove that you’ve solved the clue and complete the challenge. Each challenge has different difficulties, the higher the difficulties the higher points you can earn for the game. The group with the highest point will win the game. We have 3hours to complete as much clues and challenges all around Daegu city. here are the detail history and rules of the game:


Road Rally History

The Dongshin Church Road Rally a holds a prestigious and exclusive place in professional athletics and pop culture. Past winners include Ken, Deacon Jang, Jung In, Hulk Hogan, Cher, Chuck Norris, Patrick Swayze, N.P.H. a.k.a. Doogie Howser, Steven Segal, and of course five time champion Burt Reynolds. You may notice perennial favorite Lee Hyo Ri is not on the list of winners. She doesn’t realize that we gave her fake trophies every year just because she’s so good looking and we want her to come back. The first Road Rally took place thousands of years ago as part of the ancient Olympic games. Famous Greeks from all over the Greek part of the world would compete for glory and a gift certificate of some sort. It was a grueling three day journey by chariot across jagged rocks and big marble buildings with stairs. There were many gods to help them complete their journey. You however only have One. And that’s one more than they actually had. If you win this Road Rally you will go down in the anals of history as ….ahh!!! you caught that typo didn’t you. You guys are gonna do just fine.

Road Rally Teams

There are four people on each team. Try to assemble the best team you can. Try to fill each position on the team with someone who has the qualities to field that position proficiently. Each team has four players and so there are four positions. I will give you a brief description of the four positions.

  1. El Capitan: El Capitan is the driver of the car. He or she is in charge of the team and can make any decision final. What he or she says is the law. You should refer to your fearless leader as EL CAPITAN at all times during the road rally.
  2. Navigator: The navigator handles the clues and the map. It is a good idea to let the navigator sit shotgun so he can help El Capitan at all times. Clues are for the navigators eyes only. He or she can read them to the team but should not let others have them. This plays into most navigators feelings of inferiority because most of them do not own cars of their own and could never be EL CAPITAN.
  3. Treasurer: The treasure holds the money and helps El Capitan make decisions regarding how much money to spend on items on “the list”. Like the navigator the treasurer is the only one on the team allowed to handle money or make transactions. So if a task requires going in to buy something. Send your treasurer. (Maybe you can follow in the footsteps of Bill Gates, :greatest road rally treasurer EVER!)
  4. Factician: That is not even a word in English, but here goes. The Factician is responsible for documenting your journey. This will be extremely important as many of the things on your list will require the use of a camera. The factician is the only one on the team who is allowed to use the camera. He or she will also hold and store all items gathered during the rally. That is your team.

Road Rally Rules

The first rule is that you and everyone in your car must say Road Rally Rules 5x very loud and very fast. (just like i like my preachers) Ok Here are the parameters for time and location for this year’s Road Rally. You will leave the starting point (the dongshin education building archway) at exactly approximately 4:00pm. January 20th 2008 or there abouts so say the anals. There are lots of places you will not be asked to go including but not limited to Mexico or Pylgong mountain. But that’s neither here nor there. It’s actually here and there that we are concerned with today. You will go Downtown, as well as two other areas of town. These areas will very according to your clues. The time limit of today’s Road Rally will be no more than 3 hours. This includes dinner time. Thererore you must be back at the archway of Dongshin Church by 7:00. Directions are also included in your clues. You will be penalized for every minute you are late. These penalties will hurt. (your score) As eluded to above, you will each have different lists. They will all have similar objectives and travel requirements. In many cases your decisions will determine how much traveling you must do. The navigator must attempt to find the best order in which to complete the tasks so you don’t have to travel back and forth to the same place more than once. You can split up but keep in mind that only the factician can take pictures and only the treasurer can buy things. Only El Capitan can drive and only the navigator can read the clue paper.

Official Clue and Scavenge List {TOP SECRET}

  1. Get a single slice of bread. You can buy a loaf and take one out but that maybe a waste of money. Get a single slice of bread any way you can.

  2. Go to a “Buy the Way” convenience store and get the phone number of an employee. We will call the number you bring back at the end of the rally. If the worker does not answer you don’t get credit for the task. If your worker says “thank you el capitan” you will get twice the points for the task. If he answers to confirm you will be given the normal amount of points for the task.

  3. Get a coffee shop stamp card with four stamps on it. You must buy at least one cup of coffee to get the card. You can buy four cups of coffee but that may be too expensive. Consult your treasurer. There may be other ways to get the four stamps without wasting valuable resources. You will receive points for each stamp you manage to get. But you’ll get a bonus if you get all four.
  4. Go to a gas station and buy some gas for old El Capitan. Get a receipt. The team that buys the most gas for their car will get points for this task. You must determine how much money you will need for dinner and the other items on this list without going over your budget.
  5. I think your navigator is working pretty hard. Maybe working up a sweat. Go to a department store. There you will find a perfume counter. Use a tester on your navigator. Make sure you use two full sprays of perfume on him/her. If we can’t smell it when this thing is over you don’t get the points.
  6. DINNER PLANS: Walk down the street that goes between the McDonald’s and the Burger King downtown. Look on your left for the Chicken Galbi Restaurant. You should be able to feed your whole team for under 25 dollars. You’ll have to woof it down to keep on schedule.
  7. Find my good friend David. He sells things on the street downtown. He even sold Greg his Jimbae drum that you see at church from time to time. If you don’t know what a Jimbae is, or if you get lost, you can call Greg to find out where he is. Or was. He moves around sometimes. Oh by the way. David is from Africa if that helps. When you find David buy any one thing off of him. Try to get the best price you can to save money.
  8. Ok , your almost done downtown. Go to the Migliore Building. Walk down the stairs to the underground shopping mall. Line your team up. EL CAPITAN, NAVIGATOR, TREASURER, and finally THE FACTICIAN. Factician we need you now. Get the camera out and keep it trained on your team. You must walk the length of the underground shopping mall in as short a time as you can. The fastest three teams will get points for this task. The slowest team will not get any points. ( No running ) and please don’t scare anyone with your antics. GO! GO! GO! Do not stop until the underground mall dead ends. Take a picture of your team sitting on the bench at the other end of the mall.
  9. Any picture you get with a hat on you will receive a point for. (hats you own do not count and hats you had in your possession at the start of the road rally do not count) You will get more points for gangsta poses in hats. You will get even more points for pictures with strangers making gangta poses. At least one of your team members must be wearing a hat in the picture. Strangers must have hats too. Both must make gangsta poses. *note : facticians can pose for these pictures and other team members may use the camera for this task.
  10. Try to collect pictures of previous winners of the road rally. A Burt Reynolds image will get you major rewards. If you get an image of each of the previous winners you could be on your way to a road rally championship of your own.
  11. Get a container of dirty water. You can get this water from one of three locations: You will get more points based on the location you get the water. Use your camera to confirm where you get the water from. The locations are. The river that goes past downtown. Susung Lake. Or A public toilet.
  12. Buy and chew an entire container of xylotol gum before the end of the road rally. The size of the container will determine how many points you get. Store the chewed gum in the empty plastic bottle to confirm you chewed it all.
  13. Get a picture of your team standing in the highest location you can find. Make sure there are landmarks in your picture that confirm how high you are. Any location in Daegu is ok, indoor or outdoor. Points will very according to the altitude you reach.