Foundation classes will be held from the end of January (30th) and will run for 6 weeks – this is an opportunity to discover what Dongshin stands for, what christian living is really about and how you can embrace God more in your life.

Financial Planning classes will be held from the end of January and will run for 10 weeks on Sunday mornings (tba) – This group is nearly full and is being run by 2 very experienced people who have been teaching the principles from Crown Financial Ministries ( for over 15 years so if you are interested in managing your money in a godly fashion, then you need to attend.

Small Groups are starting again this year and we have experienced leaders to guide and discuss the sermon, the Bible, relationships and life in general as it applies to God’s perspective.  We want to encourage everyone to be connected to a small group as it allows you to have the richness of knowledge, spiritual input, and personal relationships during your time at Dongshin Church.  Please signup at church and if you are interested in becoming a small group leader, then please talk to Pastor Andy.

Have you ever considered a missions trip? Dongshin Church has received a special request from our brothers and sisters in Hungary to have a group visit in August (1st-10th). Right now, we are wanting people to indicate if they are interested and we will arrange a meeting to discuss the details with Pastor Daniel Kim (who is the new  Liaison Pastor between our English service and the Korean Church leadership). Please pray and ask for guidance about whether this unique opportunity is for you. Then please talk to Pastor Andy or Pastor Daniel Kim.

Finally, we are preparing a church directory from a request by the Korean Church leadership which needs to be completed shortly so we will be recording personal details and taking your photo (which will only be used for church purposes) on Sunday.  This will also help you to make new friends, learn names and create a support network outside of church especially if we need to talk to other believers who can also guide us in our daily lives.