Last Sunday 20 of us stayed behind to join together for some snacks, superb company and stupendous games. One of the games we played was Dongshin Jeopardy and if you would like to try, you can follow the link below. The winning team had 4800 points and congratulations goes to Vanessa, Merrick, Suzanne, Gabi, Greg, Tharine & Karin

Also we played Apples to Apples, a game where you match the adjective card to the noun cards in your hand (for example, the word was ‘pale’, and people put down cards that reflected that description. One person is the judge and the winning card for that round was ‘rollercoaster’).
After numerous rounds and full-on debates, we had a winner who received a large bag of M&M’s for her trouble.
Finally we played a bean farm game and traded and planted beans to harvest for gold coins. Beans planted included blue beans, black-eyed beans, garden beans, stink beans, soy beans and cocoa beans.
It was a great night with everyone enjoying the fellowship, fun, frivolity and feast (pizza and chicken).
Looking forward to the next event in May, the Massive May Church Picnic.