Are you ready to ‘risk’ it all for the ‘game of life’? Do you have a ‘clue’ what is going on in your rival’s ‘cranium’ or are you just ‘boogle’d by the options? Remember there can only be ‘uno’ and you have the chance to create a ‘monopoly’ while on your ‘trivial pursuits’. If you’re hungry, you can compare ‘apples to apples’ with your friends while enjoying other snacks and drinks.

Dongshin English Service would like to invite you to a board game afternoon on Sunday Feb 19th after the main service at 2pm in Room 302. Cost is 5,000 won for food and drink.

If you have any games, you are welcome to bring them

Is life just a game? While you thinking about, why not play around with a few ideas and enjoy the fun and frivolity with us! (Romans 8:18-39)