“Are you ready to ‘risk’ it all for the ‘game of life’? Do you have a ‘clue’ what is going on in your rival’s ‘cranium’ or are you just ‘boogle’d by the options? Remember there can only be ‘uno’ and you have the chance to create a ‘monopoly’ while on your ‘trivial pursuits’. If you’re hungry, you can compare ‘apples to apples’ with your friends while enjoying other snacks and drinks.” ~ the original invite from Karl Prodger.

This past weekend, February 19, the Dongshin English Service held a board game event in Room 302. For only 5,000 won anyone could enjoy pizza, chicken, chips, drinks and friendly competition. To start off the festivities Phumi, Christine and Jessica led a three secrets challenge. Each person wrote three things about themselves that most people didn’t know about them… until now. Mixing these secret papers three were read at a time and the group had to guess from the description who that person was. From the game we learned some very bizarre things such as Greg’s one foot being bigger than his other and Alyssa living in a teepee for a whole summer! Strange but we still love them anyways!

Afterwards people played whichever board game they felt like competing victory for. Unfortunately many were not victorious. On one table the island of Catan was being settled. On another table Life was bringing in all its drama and money was being made by large Monopolies. While a large group spoke in code trying to avoid the taboo words to help their team win. All in all it was a great night whether you were on the winning side or losing side. Cooked pizza, chicken, chocolate and chips all correlated to a contented group. A big thanks to the Events team for a successful afternoon and remember we are all victorious in Christ! Authored by ‘guess who’. (by Eric Jimenez)