Healthy relationships fulfill our lives and causes us to prosper.  Our relationship with God is utmost, but even that relationship can be shaded on our side by our negative life experiences that give us the wrong image of our Father.  Our relationships with others, especially our marriage partner and families, are also challenged in today’s hectic world.  We often don’t spend the time and effort to build honoring relationships with those we love the most. Conflicts we experience with those we work with on the job and in church may be triggering the “heart pain” of past relationships that need a touch of God.

Empowering Relationships is a powerful and intense two part seminar hosted over two weekends that attempts to address these issues and bring you to a place of Spirit-empowered relationships with those closest to you.  The seminars consist of Biblical-based teaching focused around Jeremiah 6:16, followed by Spirit-led praying in small group and personal ministry.  The teachings are on video by founder Craig Hill and give solid principles and moving examples that open the heart up for ministry to receive healing from a cursed identity and to bring revelation and resolution to many negative life issues and habits. The intent of the teaching is not just for cognitive information, but to provide the opportunity for God to touch the heart with authentic life change.

In these weekend experiences, when a teaching session ends, participants go to an assigned small group for prayer led by trained facilitators. The purpose of the group is not discussion, counseling, or exhorting, but for asking the Holy Spirit to show participants where the soul is out of peace, to expose any schemes of the enemy, and to allow the Lord to show the truth and light that He wants in our hearts. Participants may pour out emotional pain to God that has been bottled up for years, but no one in the group is forced to open up in prayer. Those who do not respond outwardly often receive healing as they identify with those who do.

The end result of this ministry is that people are healed and released to be spouses, parents, children and friends who bless one another more and curse each other less.

Empowering Relationships is a seminar hosted by the ministry of Family Foundations, which is well established around the world, although this will be the very first seminar of its sort, ever to be held in Korea!  For more information on this seminar and the ministry of Family Foundations International visit:


Dates: 18-19 November 2011
Times: Evening and all-day Saturday
Fee: 30,000 includes book
Location: Dongshin English Church Building – Room to be announced
Maximum Participants: 8
More info: Contact Leon (hexvallei AT Gmail DOT com) or 01055712903
Note:  If you have young children we request that, if possible, you organize a babysitter for the duration of the seminar.  The focus here is on personal ministry and we want Mom and Dad to be as undistracted as possible.  Nevertheless, I know it can be difficult to find childcare in Korea, so if there’s really no alternative, please contact me directly and we’ll try and get someone to take care of the young ones at church, for the duration of the seminars.  Thanks for understanding!