It’s that time of the year for the Dongshin Church Scavenger Hunt and it is going to be epic this year.  You will regret it if you miss it.

Participants are divided into groups and sent on a mad hunt for different items and places in the city of Daegu and need to take pictures for proof. It’s a race with the other teams to see who can complete their checklist. Different points are awarded for the various tasks, the harder or more embarrassing the task, the more points your team will get 🙂

Please invite your friends and colleagues to join in the fun. We will have our regular service at 2pm and begin the scavenger hunt soon after the service.

There is no sign up cost but you will need to be armed with 10 000 won for something to eat and a transport card on the day to get around the city.

Please sign up after the service this Sunday (3rd June 2012) or come on the day.
Many blessings…
Events Team

If you are interested in helping facilitate the event instead of participating, please email directly. We just need a few hands to help tally the points at the end of the race.