1 Cor. 1:18-2:5

Expectations Shattered (1:18-25)
  • Two perspectives on the Cross. (v. 18)
  • The perishing- foolishness
  • Being saved- the power of God
Expectations Shattered (1:18-25)
  • God’s plan of grace. (v.19-21)
  • God does not use overt power to defeat the strong.
  • He takes the weak and triumphs.
  • He uses simple words to topple the world’s wisdom.
  • Who will you follow? (v. 22-25)
  • Will you seek to live like the world seeking power and prestige?
  • Or will you follow God who uses us no matter who we are?
  • Point One: God shatters our expectations of what is important or effective.
Living Examples (1:26-31)
  • Remember where you came from. (v.26)
  • The Corinthians desired to make themselves important.
  • The Corinthians were not impressive by any standard.
  • What were you like before you came to Christ?
  • God chooses and uses us. (v. 27-28)
  • God chooses and loves us despite who we are.
  • God chooses us- the weak, worn, selfish, stupid, and insignificant.
  • He takes us and works through us.
  • It’s all about God’s grace and for His glory. (v.29-31)
  • God takes our insignificance and transforms us. He makes us significant.
  • Our significance is in Christ.
  • We cannot boast because we are full of praise
  • Point Two: God shatters our expectations by choosing us.
Paul, one of us. (2:1-5)
  • Paul’s message was simple (2:1-2)
  • Paul was frail (v.3)
  • God’s work was obvious (v.4,5)
  • Our faith is grounded in what God has done, is doing, and will do in our lives and the lives of countless others. Paul wanted their faith to be in God not intelligence or persuasion.
  • Point three: God’s grace must be the first thing in our life.
Small Group Questions
  • What is competing for 1st place in your life? (respect, prestige, security, things)
  • What were you like before Christ?
  • When you hear the simple Gospel, what is your gut reaction?
  • Have you seen God work through your life in spite of yourself?
Sermon By Nathan
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