1 Cor. 9:1-27
I. Pastoral Rights (1-12a, 13,14)
A. List of Rights
1. Food
2. Drink
3. Marriage
4. Pay

B. 3 Evidences of his rights.
1. Scripture
2. Jesus’ words
3. Other Apostles
II. Clear Path to Jesus (12b, 15-18)
A. …by not exercising our rights.
B. …by enduring difficulty.
C. …by not demanding our rights.
D. Why?
Paul wants to be about the Gospel.
III. Living on Mission (19-23)
A. Servant to All
B. Who are we reaching out to?
C. As many as possible
IV. Without Compromise (24-27)
A. The Goal-
B. Self-control
C. Disqualified
1. Over indulgence.
2. Self-righteousness
D. Preach the Gospel to yourself daily!