Luke 2:21-38

  • Looking forward •
    • Consolation (Luke 2:25)
      • Sin, The Curse •
    • Redemption (Luke 2:38)
      • The world, The accuser, our enemies
  • Jesus submitted
    • To the Law
      • Circumcision -Sacrifice
    • To Nature
      • He could get hungry, sick, or cold
      • He could bleed
  • Jesus reveals heart
    • He is destined to case the r and f of many
      • We raise or fall before God because of our Faith in Jesus
    • I Peter 2:6-9
      • The cornerstone is Jesus
  • What does faith look like
    • Marry: treasured up and meditated on these things
    • The shepherds: glorified God and gave thanks to God
    • Simeon : Was at peace with God content with life in the presence of the saviour
    • Anna : Spoke about Him to all: evangelism

These are not rules to follow, not guarantees to heaven only visible responses of a heart of faith

Conclusion: I Peter 2:6-9