Our brothers and sisters at Daegu Sungmyung Church are holding a free movie afternoon with snacks and drinks and have opened the invitation to us and anyone you would like to pass this message onto.


 ‘Film & Theology’ at SMC’s has its very own theatre. This event is approx. 3hrs and includes a brief presentation of the movie, viewing of the movie, and a group discussion time. The cinema is a modern-day pulpit: expressing ideas about God, life, love, relationships, and people. Join us for a great movie and an interesting discussion time. Feel free to invite your friends!


Sungmyung Church (성명교회) is located in Seongseo (성서) next to Kyungwon High School (경원고등학교). It is a 5 minute taxi ride from the Igok Subway Station.

Korean Directions for taxi driver: 새방골 성명교회 가주세요

Bus Directions: Bus #521 goes right past Sungmyung church. The stop is located between the church and Kyungwon High School.

The theatre is located in the big building on the basement floor. 
Enjoy the show!