At Dongshin church, we want to tell you about our weekly prayer meeting. To continue our momentum of prayer and fasting, we are planning to have a prayer meeting every Saturday from 7pm-8:30.
For the second Saturday of every month, we are going to have a Praise and Worship night along with a prayer meeting just like what we had during the Passion Week.

Intent: It is our mandate to pray night and day to ask God to break in with power in everything we do. Without God’s intervention in our lives, we live powerless lives vulnerable to all kinds of attacks.
(Luke 18:7-8)

1. Purpose: We intend to live a life of prayer to do the following:
a. To prepare and position our hearts to be connected with the heart of God by awakening a hunger and thirst for God’s presence within us;
b. To live our lives in fullness of what God wants to give us (Isaiah 30:18-19);
c. To increase the ministerial impact on others through our lives, plans and activities.

2. Methods:
a. Prayer night—every Saturday 1900-2030
i. Focus: Pray for the impact of weekly services (praise and worship, sermon, activities)
b. Praise and worship night—every second Saturday 1900-2030 (Ephesians 5:18-19)
i. Focus: Prayer for the impact of monthly plans and activities
c. Fasting—weekly and monthly prayer and fasting (Isaiah 58:6-9)
i. Daily reminder and commitment to God’s work in Dongshin church

3. End state: We will usher in the Kingdom of God by bringing revival to Dongshin English ministry, Daegu, Korea and the world.

We come with the expectation of God meeting us while together and if you have any specific prayer requests then please let the leaders know (Dongshin team or small group leaders) or send an email to