1 Cor. 11:17-34

I. More Divisions (17-22)

A. A Gathering Problem (17)
1. It is not enough to go through the motions.
2. Malachi 1:10
3. God wants more than superficial action. He wants all of you.

B. Divisions (18,19)
1. Good Division
2. Bad Division

C. Abuses (20-22)
1. Betrayal of purpose (20)
2. Practice
3. Malpractice (21,22)

II. A Sign to Christ (23-26)
A. Consistent Witness (23a)
B. Remembrance (23b-25)
C. Proclamation (26)

III. Coming to Worship (27-34)
A. The Lord’s Discipline (27-32)
B. Prepared for Worship (33,34)

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