I. The Father has foreknown us. (v. 2)‏

A. What is foreknowledge? Psalm 139

1. More than awareness of existence (vv. 13-16)‏
2. More than awareness of actions (vv. 2-6)‏
3. More than any awareness (vv. 7-12)‏
4. In short, it is love.

B. Humble yourselves under God (5:6-7)‏

1. Take pride in the Lord. (v. 6)‏
2. Cast your anxieties on Him. (v. 7)‏
3. This will make you strange!

II. The Spirit has sanctified us. (v. 2)‏

A. What is sanctification?

1. It is past. (1:3; 2:9)‏
2. It is present. (1:5, 9; 2:5)‏
3. It is future. (1:13)‏
4. It is being set apart for God’s glory.

B. So declare God’s gospel! (2:9-10; 3:15-16)‏

1. This requires courage.
2. This requires gentleness and respect.
3. This requires a life to match our message.
4. This requires knowing the gospel.

III. Jesus has justified us. (v. 2)‏

A. What’s justification?

1. To be ransomed (1:18)‏
2. To have Christ bear your sins (2:24)‏
3. To have Christ suffer for your sins (3:18)‏
4. Peace with God because of what Jesus did.

B. So arm yourselves with this thinking. (4:1-5)‏

1. Take sin seriously!
2. Christ is worth far more than this world!

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