Are you willing to stand with warts and blemishes in front of God and others?
Are you ready to be honest with yourself, others and with God. We can’t hide anything from God, He knew us before we were born, He knows our thoughts, heart, and our desires. Don’t try to cover your warts, who are you trying to fool? Be the best YOU, that you can be. You don’t need to be anybody else BUT yourself.

Four important things that God gave us.
1. Love – By showing your love to one another, shows that you are a child of God
2. Power – He gave us power to be disciples of God
3. Grace – To show beauty and good will to others
4. Honesty – He wants us to be honest to our self, others and to Him

Hate sin the way God hates sin, Love people the way God loves people, and remember the Gospel is about our hearts.
– April 18 Sermon Reflection by Tharine Rabie