Our church meets on the first Sunday of every month in Room 503 at in Dongshin Building, from 7pm to 8:30 to intercede for Daegu, friends and family. We usually have some awesome worship and corporate prayer. God wants to have a relationship with us and our prayers can deepen that relationship. It’s only a short time on Saturday but can have a powerful impact in the spiritual realm. On the second and fourth Saturday, we will also have worship time as well.

We intend to live a life of prayer to do the following:

a. To prepare and position our hearts to be connected with the heart of God by awakening a hunger and thirst for God’s presence within us;

b. To live our lives in fullness of what God wants to give us (Isaiah 30:18-19);

c. To increase the ministerial impact on others through our lives, plans and activities.
Come and be impacted by the Holy Spirit.  See you there!