Sin can disorientate us towards God and his law and we find ourselves sometimes on two extremes; for example, either being too lazy or being a workaholic and being super-organised versus being very messy.  The problem is God commands us to love one another and we as Christians feel like we are walking wobbly on a balance beam where if we fall off on one hand we are being selfish and proud and on the other, we feel judgment and discouragement under the law.

What is the Law of Freedom? Being forgiven and found in Christ makes us free to choose to love as he loves but how do I speak and act as a person who is going to be judged by the law that gives freedom?  Jesus said the one who was forgiven much will love much, so get to know the mercy of God. Only Jesus intercedes for you and pays your debts, leave your life of sin, repent and turn to Christ.  A key thing about the law, it is reflections of God’s character (the lawgiver) and it cannot be separated into parts. If we break one part of the law, we are guilty no matter how minor.  Imagine driving across a long bridge and in the distance you see a gap of 20 metres and think how will I cross that?  Then you come across a 3 meter gap that is also impossible to get across in the car.  Well it is a mute point that there is a bigger gap ahead when you can’t even get past the first section.  The gaps are like our sin and if we miss the first minor section like showing favoritism to people which is a sin, there is no way across. We need to obey the royal law that gives us freedom to glorify God as he intended us to. The reality is that God has shown you mercy and it triumphs over judgment.

Think of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) and condemned adulteress (John 8) and how God showed mercy.