The situation (They had a form of religion or an object of worship)

The solution (common ground)

The result

These days, people judge preachers by how much emotional feelings are generated when they listen ie. crying/laughing/elation

Two types of people

l  Epicureans – pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain

l  Stoics – believed that God was there but didn’t know how to apply that knowledge v.23

At that time, people belonged to a religion through

l  Family

l  Culture               ( Socialization)

l  Geography

They had to be careful how they talked to people about having a relationship with Jesus but remember God is not made of gold/silver or stone but he is the God of mountains/sky/sea (v.24 & 29).

v.27 We must have no compromise with sin but be flexible with ways and methods because God doesn’t look at the external ways.  We should look at how we apply the knowledge of God as he is in the heart of every man, (Romans 1:20).

The result at the time in v.34 was some believed.