Seven Observations about the Empty Tomb

1. We are invited to take a look in the tomb 2. We know Jesus Died 3.We know a way has been opened for us

4.We know that Jesus’ garments were left behind 5. We know whose Tomb Jesus was buried in

6. We know that the tomb was not his own 7. We know the tomb was empty just as Jesus’ said it would be!

1. The Angel says to Mary you came here looking for Jesus. It is interesting that the guards at the tomb were not invited to go in and see as well. We tend to think nowadays that its only fair for everyone to take a turn and look in the tomb. The angel could have calmed the guards and invited them in as well but he didn’t. Those who know the savior by name are invited to partake in his resurrection. Those who follow him in death will go on to meet him in life.

Next, It was a borrowed tomb; and why? I take it, not to dishonor Christ, but in order to show that, as his sins were borrowed sins, so his burial was in a borrowed grave. Christ had no transgressions of his own; he took ours upon his head; he never committed a wrong, but he took all my sin, and all yours, if ye are believers; concerning all his people, it is true, he bore their griefs and carried their sorrows in his own body on the tree; therefore, as they were others’ sins, so he rested in another’s grave; as they were sins imputed, so that grave was only imputedly his. It was not his sepulchre; it was the tomb of Joseph.

People who know God is real and alive fear God too much to let their fear of man keep them from speaking. Which brings me to say that this fear of God is not fear of retribution or punishment. It is a realization of just how amazing the risen Christ is. It is a full view of his glory. The truth of his resurrection brings them to their knees at the feet of Jesus. They left with fear but they also left with Joy. Fear may bring us to our knees but joy will bring us to worship. After they fall at his feet, Jesus says don’t be afraid. Go tell my brothers they will see me. It is true joy to be reunited with God. To meet him again. How can you meet someone if they are dead. How can you have joy if you know there is no life. I am here to tell you what both the Angel and Jesus said here in the living word. You will see Jesus again. He is alive. He is not here. Everything is just as he said it would be. He has risen. Go with joy and worship at his feet. He is living, and he is waiting for you.