Thanksgiving day at Dongshin is in the history books and what an evening! Thanks to all the people who assisted with the setup, cooking, serving and anyone else who pitched in. It started with games in the main room (say Beast, bird, fish) and then moved down to the dining area where people were able to socialise and enjoy a taste of home. The evening entertainment was the 1st annual gobbling contest which was won by Danni as she impersonated the gobble of a turkey least likely to be eaten for thanksgiving. In a gobble tie, special mention goes to Karin for performing the cutest gobble closely followed by Karl who tried to woo Nate (the MC) with a Marilyn Monroe inspired rendition (you had to be there to see it and it will never be repeated). After that, we had pumpkin pie for dessert and cleaned up. To commemorate the occasion, a poem was written by Karl
2010 Feast of Thanksgiving
Fantastic cooking
Fabulous decorations
Flavorsome food
Fulfilling fellowship
Fun and Frivolous games
Freaky gobbling
Flirtatious singing
Full and hopefully forgiving bellies
Final goodbyes
F’ankful friends