Thanksgiving, is one of the hardest times to be away from home and the
familiar for any foreigner living abroad. Suddenly, having turkey and
cranberry sauce becomes the most important thing to have this week. I
know for myself, my mouth waters every single class I am in when I
teach about Thanksgiving and the traditional dishes we eat.

Dongshin Church celebrated Thanksgiving dinner this past Sunday, and
it was truly something I am grateful for going to. There is something
special when people come together to celebrate an occasion – a warm
feeling washes over people and suddenly you feel really connected. The
effort and magnitude of people serving was beautiful to watch, whether
from the smallest ornament details to welcoming guests who were
first-time visitors.

I sat at a table of people who didn’t really know each other. It was
refreshing to get to know new faces and meet some non-teaching
foreigners for a change. Our table bonded over the ridiculously
addictive Bible riddle. The room was filled with new faces, old faces
and stuffed faces. I walked away from it glowing with having had a
good night of conversations and a full belly.

Acts 42 talks about the first community of believers, “Every day they
continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in
their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts (v. 46).” We
all long for a taste of that, and sitting amidst the roomful of church
members and new people sharing a holiday together, I could sense the
possibility to be more like that first community of believers.

(Written by Alex)