A November 22nd Thanksgiving may be unusual for some but for the people who attended the annual dinner, it was a great night with heaps of turkey, dessert, friends and frivolity! We had a special appearance by Ebenezer Scrooge’s cousin – Jebenezer Stooge who was transformed by the Thanksgiving angel from hating to loving Thanksgiving. The angel then said

Well I wish it was just that easy to change someone’s attitude but God gave us free will to choose how we respond to situations. Sometimes we don’t like or hate what God is doing and we take it out on other people. Sometimes we just don’t care about what other people are going through and we don’t recognise the effort required to get things done. But then, there are times when we love our life, we are grateful for family, friends and the blessings from God. So how you are feeling towards God? Are you hurting and feeling bad or are you feeling indifferent that God doesn’t see your struggle or are you feeling safe and secure in God’s love that whatever happens, God is in control and wants the best for you.

We have added some photos at the link below and also we thank God for his amazing provision and putting the right people in the right places (the workers) to make the dinner happen and be able to celebrate with one another.