Happy Lunar New Year,
Upcoming Event – Bowling on Feb 20th after church. The bowling alley is nearby and we will have prizes for sensational strikes plus the chance to hang out and make new friends. The cost is 10,000 won and feel free to invite your friends, work colleagues etc.  Looking forward to striking with you!

Small Groups started last Sunday with donuts and M&M’s and we have 3 groups with experienced leaders to guide and discuss the sermon, the Bible, and life in general as it applies to God’s perspective.  We want to encourage everyone to be connected to a small group as it allows you to have the richness of knowledge, spiritual input, and personal relationships during your time at Dongshin Church. The group membership will remain the same for the next 6 months. Chris and Emily are the Small Group Coordinators and if you are interested in becoming a small group leader, then please talk to them or Pastor Andy Gilman.

Next week, we will start another small group for people who are new to Dongshin and didn’t have the chance to join a group so please feel free to join us after the sermon.

Have you ever considered a missions trip? Dongshin Church has received a special request from our brothers and sisters in Hungary to have a group visit in August (1st-10th). Right now, we are wanting people to indicate if they are interested and we will arrange a meeting to discuss the details with Pastor Daniel Kim (who is the new  Liaison Pastor between our English service and the Korean Church leadership). Please pray and ask for guidance about whether this unique opportunity is for you. Then please talk to Pastor Andy or Pastor Daniel Kim.

Financial Planning classes will start at the end of February as textbooks are being ordered. The classes are based on Crown Financial Ministries (http://crown.org/). Dennis and Noelle are the leaders with over 15 years experience.

Prayer Requests – remember if you have any prayer requests, please send an email to dongshinprayerministry@gmail.com as we have a team on standby to intercede for you and others in Jesus’ name.

Special Offerings – We will be having a special offering each month for the next 10 months to support extra ministries and major Church activities such as the conference.  There are always many things that need doing and we want to help as many people as we can so please pray that God provides the resources and people to glorify him through our actions at Dongshin English Service.