Jesus, Paul, and Corinth

Who was Paul?

  • He was a persecutor of the faith.
  • But Jesus changed his heart from hate to faith.
  • He was now sent by God to carry Good News.

Corinth was a provincial capital in the Roman Empire.

It was a large prosperous city. It had been destroyed and rebuilt by the Romans.

It was a cross roads for trade.

Idolatry was synonymous with the name Corinth.

Corinth 1

Acts 18:1-11.

Here Paul met Pricilla and Aquilla.

The church was not Jewish but Gentiles.

The promise and reality of change.

  • To those sanctified- set apart for God.
  • Saint- holy ones.
  • Together with all those in every place- a new Kingdom and family.

Grace and Peace

  • How could drunkards and prostitutes be called right and set apart?
  • Grace and Peace.

Grace and Peace

  • What is grace?
  • Grace is the unmerited favor of God.
  • Les Miserables- Jean Valjean and Bishop Myriel.
  • What is peace?
  • The end of our rebellion.
  • The assurance of our future.

Why we are here.

We are not here….

  • to ease our conscience.
  • because it’s our culture.
  • because we are good people.

We are here because of Grace and Peace.

  • To give praise.
  • To give thanks.
  • What do you expect when you come to Dong Shin?