Sermons Feb 8th

God is sovereign over our enemies
God always does what is right
God’s always prevails over his enemies
They have absolutely no power which he does not allow
God sends evil
In his divine wisdom it is never wrong
He is not accountable for evil, Evil men are
God is sovereign over the rights of his people
God is sovereign ruler who alone gives the right to his inheritance
He judges righteously
He forgives completely

God is sovereign the cause of his name
He works all things for the good of his people to the ultimate end of his glory
He works all of human history to the ultimate end, which is his glory

We make friends and we make enemies but God makes our Neighbors
GK Chesterton

Luke 2:21-38

Luke 2:21-38

  • Looking forward •
    • Consolation (Luke 2:25)
      • Sin, The Curse •
    • Redemption (Luke 2:38)
      • The world, The accuser, our enemies
  • Jesus submitted
    • To the Law
      • Circumcision -Sacrifice
    • To Nature
      • He could get hungry, sick, or cold
      • He could bleed
  • Jesus reveals heart
    • He is destined to case the r and f of many
      • We raise or fall before God because of our Faith in Jesus
    • I Peter 2:6-9
      • The cornerstone is Jesus
  • What does faith look like
    • Marry: treasured up and meditated on these things
    • The shepherds: glorified God and gave thanks to God
    • Simeon : Was at peace with God content with life in the presence of the saviour
    • Anna : Spoke about Him to all: evangelism

These are not rules to follow, not guarantees to heaven only visible responses of a heart of faith

Conclusion: I Peter 2:6-9

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