2010 Church Conference "Kurios", October 22-24th

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It’s time to start thinking about the annual church conference and what a glorious event is being planned to bless you, the church and God! You don’t want to miss the 2nd annual Dongshin English Church “Kurios Conference 2010”!!! Retreat with your family and your friends for an amazing weekend to seek the God of the universe. There will be:
• Workshops
• Music
• Food
• Prayer
• R&R ~ rest and relaxation
• Activities
• …and much time to meditate on our Lord’s Word and listen for His voice.

We are inviting other churches around Daegu to join us for the weekend so everyone is welcome. Find contentment in the power of communication with God and allow yourself to be changed by Him on this beautiful autumn weekend that He will give us.
The theme of the conference is “Contentment” and please pray for this conference that God will be glorified and that we will have a deeper understanding of God’s character as we take time out from our schedules to be in God’s presence and fellowship with each other.
We will be staying at a lovely facility in Cheongtong Wachon on the way to Pohang (North-East of Daegu). http://chimsan.net/village_main.html

Dongshin Road Rally 2009 Photos



Video – The final part of the 25 tasks to be done in 3 hours around Daegu. We gave away kimbab, got autographs, took pictures, played minigolf, walked the length of an underground mall, went to E-mart, drunk coffee, sang in the park, ate dinner, got petrol, made artwork, changed seats at the traffic lights, and many more. Again, it was awesome and a continuation of the tradition and legacy started in 2008!

Congregation dinner

Congregation dinner

We had our congregation dinner at this really amazing Kalbi place somewhere near Susong lake. The place was so amazing with the view of a mountain and the ambience was great. The kalbi was also awesome, especially with the samjang, kochu and of course the cige. Before the dinner, we also had a small fun games (in the video). It was a great dinner….but if you missed it, don’t worry because we have another event coming right up this coming saturday. We are going to have the:

Men’s Breakfast

Saturday, June 28th, 10am

@ Hami Mami’s

Samjeong-gil, Bongdeok-dong (011-815-8169)

If you can’t find the place, you can contact Karl for more info at 010-6206-4470. Don’t missed it……

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2008 Dongshin Road Rally

Road Rally 2008


Yesterday we had the annual Dongshin Winter events. This winter we had the “2008 Dongshin Road-Rally”. This road rally basically just like a treasure hunt game or amazing race. The basic idea is that you are given clues and challenges that you must to solve and you need to go there and take pictures or videos to prove that you’ve solved the clue and complete the challenge. Each challenge has different difficulties, the higher the difficulties the higher points you can earn for the game. The group with the highest point will win the game. We have 3hours to complete as much clues and challenges all around Daegu city. here are the detail history and rules of the game:


Sunday 12 noon Services

Join us for a multi-cultural and vibrant Christian experience in English! See the Direction page for the step-by-step “how-to” on reaching us Sundays at 12 noon.